2014 Jackson Hole World Championship Finals

Welcome back everyone! Today is finals day where Pro racers compete for the title of king of the Hill. We are ready to begin so follow along with us as we watch some of the best riders there is climb Snow King here in Jackson Hole Wyoming. Classes will run in this order PRO MASTER […]

Jackson Hole World Championship Hillclimb

Welcome to the 39th annual world championship.  We are getting started on this beautiful day here in Jackson Hole Wyoming with non pro master and amateur classes this morning followed by the Semi pros Juniors and Women’s Classes so stay tuned with us and see how the race goes along on our live feed we will […]

White Pine Hillclimb

Good morning everyone we are here in Pinedale WY at the White Pine Hillclimb about to start the race, its a bit cold outside but the sun is shining and we are about ready to go. We will be updating times as soon the class is over so stay tuned and see how your favorite racers are doing […]

Afton- Cokeville Hillclimb

Hello everyone we are here in Cokeville for the Afton Hill climb due to lack of internet service times will be posted only a couple times throughout the day. Time results will be completed at the end of the day when we are back in internet range. It takes a few miles from the hill […]